Adding new members (casual and full)

Some clubs/states have chosen to handle membership renewals/payments outside Eventor. Memberships can still be administered within Eventor per instructions below. Note you need to have administrative rights for a club or state organisation;

For renewals;

  1. Go to Club > Members & filter on all
  2. Select the "Temporary membership" link for a person who is renewing (assuming they are on the temporary membership list)
  3. Select "Add membership" at the top and add the relevant membership to that person by working through the process (noting you can assign them to family memberships etc)
  4. Back at the members page they will be recognised as unpaid. If they have paid by cash/EFT
    • Select the membership type link
    • Select the edit order link
    • Select "Register order" link at the top of the screen
    • Input the relevant details and click save

For registering new memberships (casual or full);

  1. Go to Club > Members
  2. Select Add members at the top of the screen
  3. Enter their basic details including name, DOB, sex
    • Ignore the SI stick unless they have purchased one. Do not input a hire stick number.
  4. Click Add member to continue adding more
  5. Click Save and then Save again on the next page
  6. You will see all those people entered as "Temporary memberships"
  7. You will probably want to input their email address to comunicate with them;
    • Click on the Edit link next to the persons name
    • Select the "Contact details" tab
    • Enter the email address (and any other details you have)