How do I enter an event?

To enter an event or events;

  1. Go to the Eventor homepage and either login or register a new account
  2. Go to the event calendar
  3. Browse the events
    • You can filter the events by using the options at the top of the page, including viewing the events on a map
    • Where detailed event information has been provided the calendar informs you how far an event is from your address (as registered in Eventor)
  4. Select the checkboxes next to the events you want to enter and click the “Enter selected events” button at the top or bottom of the page.
    • Note that you can only enter multiple events where the payee is the same ie it is not possible to enter an event in Victoria and one in Tasmania at the same time because the payment is going to two separate organisations.
  5. For each event(s) select the class you wish to participate in and click “Next”
    • Note that only applicable classes (based on your date of birth, sex etc) are shown
    • Understand that you may be in a different age category if entering an event in the following year
  6. Confirm the details, check the Terms and Conditions checkbox and click “Save”
  7. Select the relevant payment option and complete the payment. Payment options currently available in Eventor include;
    • EFT - This requires you to manually transfer funds to the nominated account. Your entry will remain as pending until the event organiser receipts your payment in Eventor.
    • POLi - Allows you to transfer funds using online internet banking. Pending successful payment your entry will be confirmed immediately.
    • PayPal - Allows you to pay with Visa or Mastercard. Pending successful payment your entry will be confirmed immediately.

When you next visit the calendar you will notice that the events you have entered are highlighted in green making it easy to see where you can fit in another orienteering event.