How do I register?

Registering as a user in Eventor will allow you to apply for memberships, enter events and monitor your results. Note that anyone can browse the event calendar without the need to register an account.

To register use the following instructions or view the video;

  1. Go to the Eventor web site and select “register a user account”
  2. Select the relevant option (the top option if you are a member of an Australian club) and click the Proceed button
  3. If you want to associate your Eventor account with a Facebook or Google account select the relevant option, alternatively select the “Don’t associate with any social account”
    • Associating with a social account allows you to log in using the details of Facebook or Google and saves you having to remember another username/password
  4. Complete the registration details page and click Next
  5. Confirm the details are correct and click “Save”

Once you have completed the formal registration

  1. Go to the Event tab on the “My Pages” > “My Settings” page and put in your SI number (if you have one).