How do I register as a club member?

Eventor will be used to collect and manage memberships for Orienteering Australia affiliated clubs. In order to apply for membership you (and all members of your family) need to register an account on Eventor. If you have not previously registered an account please refer to the help article and/or Registering in Eventor video showing how to register to make applying for membership easy. Having registered on Eventor follow watch the Membership for Eventor video to see how to apply for club membership. These videos demonstrate that a 5 person family can register in Eventor and apply for membership in less than 20 minutes.

If you have previously registered different members of your family separately it is still possible to apply for a family membership by following the Membership for Eventor (family) video.

To register as a member use the following instructions;
  1. Log into Eventor
  2. Go to "My Pages" > "My memberships"
  3. Select "Apply for membership"
  4. Select the year, state & club (if applicable) then click "next"
    • In some states it is possible to apply for club membership only
  5. Select the relevant membership type for the state and/or club
    • If applying for a family membership;
      • select "new family" if you are the first person registering a family or select one of the exisitng families in the list
      • if you registered everyone on Eventor at the same time, select the relevant people from the second list box
  6. Check the customer details are correct and click "Next"
  7. Confirm the membership details and click "Save"
  8. Select the relevant payment method and make the payment
    • If paying by EFT the treasurer of the relevant state will need to manually acknowledge receipt of payment which may take up to a week or more.
  9. On the "My Pages" > "My Memberships" page you will see a list of memberships you have applied for and their current status.

At this stage event entry is not linked to memberships. This functionality will be added in the near future.