Reset password

In order to reset your password;

  1. Go to the evento home page (
  2. Select "Log In"
  3. Select "I have forgotten my login details"
  4. Enter EITHER your username OR your email address
    • If you enter a username a new password will be send to the email address associated with that username
    • If you enter an email address and it is associated with multiple users (ie parents and children using the same email address) Eventor will ask you to select which users password you wish to reset.
  5. When you receive the email from Eventor login to Eventor using your username and the new password.
  6. You can change your password to something else by going to My Pages > My Settings > Login
    • Enter the username (either the same or a different one if you want to change it
    • Enter your new password
    • Repeat your password in the second box
    • Click Save
    • Store your password in a safe place!